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I bought my first shepherd when I was twelve after begging my dad for one for a few years.  She had one litter and I kept a promising son from that litter.  After a few years, I moved to Georgia with my family and my two shepherds.  After both dogs had gone, I went off to college.  In 1990 I finally began my hunt for my next shepherd. I met Ann & Carl Aller of Amherst Kennels and they allowed me to adopt Lexus. Not only did I get a wonderful dog who I treasured...I also gained two wonderful friends!! Lexus is the foundation behind all of my dogs now. Lexi made MY DREAM COME TRUE when her daughter gave me not only one champion, but TWO!!  All of my dogs now go back to Lexus except for Kissy, my wonderful housedog I had for many years.  Seven generations down the road we are still going strong.


Thank you for dropping by my website and I hope you enjoy visiting with my "family"!

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